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Operational Support Units

As of the 1st January 2008 all OSU's in the brigade have been withdrawn. They are all at workshops awaiting re-deployment, all except for one  05 registered vehicle, which has been fitted with water rescue / Flooding type equipment and is based at Headquarters and will turn out from there if required at an incident

The first Operational Support Unit was based at Ossett Fire Station on the outskirts of Wakefield. This new opportunity to the brigade provided a vital way forward to assisting crews at incidents, with a command support vehicle as well as technical help and assistance from a Watch Manager who would always be in charge the unit.The Unit attends a varying range of incidents, from Line and Water Rescues, Chemical and CBRN incidents as well as Road Traffic collisions and Larger fires in a Command Support role.

YH53 FKZ is now a spare vehicle based at Fire service Headquarters. This image was taken whilst it was on the run from Ossett station as callsign 1001. This the first unit of its type in the Brigade.

The next OSU to arrive was the Bingley Unit. This was a Volvo V70 estate car  YB53 FUF. This vehicle went on the run in 2004.

 The Volvo estate is featured Below at a Water Rescue excercise in the Ilkley station area.

This vehicle has since been Written off in a Road traffic Collision in Huddersfield during the early part of 2007

The new arrival after this was the Concept vehicle by Ferno Cleckheaton, loaned to the brigade for a trial period and tested for suitability for use as an Operational Support unit. Ferno are Emergency Vehicle manufacturers and based in Cleckheaton, Bradford. This vehicle, the first of it's type to go on the run in the United Kingdom, replaced (on a trial period of three months) the Volvo estate car, Operational Support Unit based at Bingley Fire Station. It went on the run at Bingley on the 11th February 2005. The appliance is based on a Ford Ranger vehicle wand as supplied by Ferno of Cleckheaton as previously mentioned. This vehicle had a dual roll, Operational Support Unit  and Water Rescue Unit to assist with Bingley who are a Water Rescue Station.  The Volvo went to Ossett and the Passat featured above went back to H.Q. awaiting  future allocation .  Below are Images of this Ford Ranger taken at FSHQ on the 10/02/05 prior to it going on the run the following day.

During the second part of 2004 a replacement was found for the Volvo YB53 FUF and was sent to Ossett Station this was YD54 UHB.


The next Unit's to come on line were the Ford Rangers, purchased by the brigade following the successful trials of the Bingley / Ferno vehicle. The Ford Ranger Firebird from Ferno was returned and in the interim period Bingley now has it's Volvo estate back on the run. However this was short lived as the new Unit underwent equipping and preparation in the workshops at Fire Service Headquarters.

This appliance went on the run to Bingley and replaced the Volvo estate. Later it was re located to Fairweather Green Station during a re structuring phase, where on route to an incident was involved in a Road Traffic collision on Thornton road Bradford on October 8th 2006, and was written off. The new vehicle below which went on the run on 1st December 2006, has now replaced this and with the opening of the new Bradford Station in Leeds Road, and has been based there.

As the programme continued Elland took delivery of their Operational Support Unit. This was the third unit to go on the run hence the callsign allocated 1003. The VW Passat was posted to Elland prior to the new Ford Ranger going on the run. This was then replaced by the Unit pictured below, releasing the Passat at Elland station for its next placement, at USAR Cleckheaton. Elland is a Line rescue station and the OSU will attend as Line Rescue Support as well as fullfilling its OSU role attending RTC's and Command support function

Halifax OSU VE05 HZH Callsign 1003

The Next Unit went to Pontefract station and  is an identical unit to the one above this was the fourth unit and callsign 1004 was used. At the moment I don't have an image of this unit but when I do it will be placed on the site here. Further extension of the OSU programme continued and next Stanningley received the Volvo V70 YB53 FUF as there unit, I'm sure that by now you can see the plan forming, This units callsign is 1005.

Diary of events:
Update 30.06.2005; 2 Ford rangers arrive at FSHQ
Update 08.09.2005  Both Ford rangers are now on the run Pontefract and Elland
Update 29/10/2005 The Last Ford Ranger for Bingley will be arriving shortly..
Update 17/12/2005  Ford Ranger has now arrived. It is undergoing fitting of equipment at Workshop
Update 06/01/2006  Ford Ranger still at workshops due to amount of work at present.
Update: 01/04/2006 Ford Ranger goes on the run but transferred to Fairweather Green from Bingley

There have been further changes to the OSU system, this involved the further movement of OSU vehicles and staff.The present details are below

Vehicle                      Reg.No.     Callsign       Location
Volvo Estate V70           YD54 UHB       1001              Wakefield
Ford Ranger/WYFS         EA56 JDO       1002               Bradford
Ford Ranger/WYFS         VE05 HZH       1003               Halifax
Ford Ranger/WYFS         VE05 HZS       1004               Leeds
Volvo Estate V70           YB53 FUF       1005               Huddersfield (Written off in Road Traffic Collision)

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