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Tyres on Fire Doncaster
 Catplant Ltd ,
Wakefield Road, Hampole , Doncaster.
Time of Call 04:50

Around 30 firefighters are at the scene of a large blaze in the Hampole area of Doncaster where around 2,000 tyres are on fire. Crews were called to the

waste recycling plant at a quarry on Wakefield Road. Smoke could be seen from as far as ten miles from the scene of the fire. 

Firefighters  tackled the fire with five water jets and a High Volume Pumping Unit (HVPU) which can pump around 8,000 litres of water per minute.

SYFR officers at the scene are in constant liaison with officials from Doncaster Council, the site operators and the Environment Agency.

Later foam was used to tackle the fire, which involves an area of tyres approximately 100m x 60m, and around 5m deep.

SYFR’s Group Manager Dick Hutton said: “This was a deep-seated fire and we are expecting to be here for days rather than hours.

“Because of the amount of smoke in the area local residents were advised to keep their doors and windows closed as a safety precaution.”

The later the same day the amount of smoke given off by the blaze reduced significantly since this earlier morning, but residents are still advised

to take safety precautions by keeping doors and windows closed. Although SYFRS are not aware of any specific health hazards the smoke poses,

it can be an irritant and anyone who thinks they may be suffering the effects of the smoke should contact their

GP or NHS direct.”

Two High Volume Pumps are being used to tackle the fire, one of which has been provided by

West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue. It is not yet known how the fire started.

Credit : Yorkshire News

Credit : Yorkshire News

Credit : Yorkshire News

Credit : Yorkshire News

Credit : Yorkshire News

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